New Real Estate Sales Tax

I’ve been receiving a few emails of outrage about the coming sales tax on real estate.

In response to the false statements and misunderstandings regarding this real estate sales tax written into the Obama health care bill, here is an article describing the facts of this tax. While it has no business being in a health care bill, it is considerably less onerous than is being reported.

‘Robo-Signing’ Mortgage Scandal

There’s been a lot in the news this week about the Robo signing scandal.

Three major lenders, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, One West Bank and GMAC, have temporarily suspended foreclosures in 23 states, states where foreclosures require a judicial process. (Arizona, like California, is not among them). These banks have admitted that their employees, due to sheer volume, have routinely sign scads of foreclosure documents without verifying their information. This Forbes report explains further:

New Online Tool For Prescott Area Realtors

A new online tool has been made available to Prescott Area Realtors named RPR for "Realtors Property Resource".

This collection of public records information combines with our local MLS to increase instant data at our finger tips. All this is intended to make the Realtor even more proficient as answers to typical real estate questions will be gathered in one location. Our new system goes live tomorrow.

Preparing Your Prescott Home for Professional Real Estate Photography

With over 87% of home buyers citing the internet as being most important in their home search, quality photography has become a key element to making yours stand out—and even sell for a higher price according to this article from The Wall Street Journal. In fact, a good picture can make a difference of thousands of dollars—or whether your home even gets noticed at all. So, what can you do to help ensure the best photos possible?

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

On top of the usual Saturday-morning vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping and straightening, here are some presentation tips you can do to prepare your home for professional real estate photography:


  • – open all blinds and drapes
  • – all lights ON and make sure no bulbs are out
  • – all ceiling fans OFF
  • – de-personalize by removing family photos
  • – remove all Kleenex tissue boxes
  • – hide remote controls
  • – get windows professionally cleaned


  • – remove counter clutter like bills, pen jar, phone wires
  • – remove dishes, soap bottles, rags
  • – remove everything from the outside surface of the fridge (magnets, clips, notes… everything)
  • – remove little floor mats
  • – remove oven handle towels
  • – remove dog bowl


  • – remove all personal items and clutter from countertops
  • – clean mirrors and shower doors
  • – remove little floor mats
  • – remove towels from shower door
  • – remove trash cans


  • – remove vehicles, trash/recycle cans from front
  • – straighten, uncover and put cushions on outdoor furniture
  • – uncover the grill
  • – open patio umbrellas
  • – hide garden tools, hoses and childrens’ toys