The 64th Annual Yavapai County Courthouse Christmas Lighting!

Join us in downtown Prescott tomorrow for the 64th Courthouse lighting.

Arguably the main event of the season for Arizona’s Christmas city, it is a festivity you will not want to miss.

At 5PM there are musical groups performing Christmas songs followed by a reading of the nativity story from the Bible to bring joy and cheer, and a reminder of the reason for the season. The lighting of the courthouse is at 6PM where the entire downtown area is lit up in a spectacular show of Christmas lights and celebration.

Nearly every tree is wrapped in colorful lights, the gazebo is a beacon on display of Christmas radiance, and the courthouse building itself it aglow with Christmas lights and light up decorations to showcase its historic beauty.

Enjoy the lights, an awing sight to see, and hang around afterward to take it all in. With countless restaurants, coffee shops, bars, vintage shops, and so much more, you will have no trouble finding something to do with your friends and family after the lighting tomorrow night.

We hope you come out to see the show, to take in the Christmas season, and connect with your loved ones!

Thumb Butte

If you are from Prescott, or have visited before, it’s impossible to miss one of its most prolific landmarks standing tall and proud on the western horizon of the town: Thumb Butte. Standing at 6,500 feet tall, the well known landmark rises about 1,200 feet from the downtown Prescott area and is easily spotted from nearly anywhere in town. The derivative of its name is obvious enough with its thumb like appearance sticking out from the Sierra Prieta mountain range for all to see.

The Sierra Prieta mountain range spans fourteen miles long in central-northwest Arizona, creating a natural barrier to the western most point of the town of Prescott. Thumb Butte is held within that mountain range, a natural outcropping of rock that actually has some debate around it as to how it occurred geologically.

One theory is that it is a geological formation known as a volcanic plug. A volcanic plug is a configuration that occurs when a much larger volcano’s exterior erodes and deteriorates after millions of years, and what is left behind is that volcano’s hardened center.

A second theory that is supported by the evidence of the composition of the surrounding mountains and the composition of Thumb Butte itself, is that Thumb Butte is actually a major basalt flow. A basalt flow is really just a tall lava flow, which means that at one point millions of years ago, Thumb Butte was a point at which lava escaped, built upon itself, hardened, and eventually turned into the landmark we see today. Either way you spin it, at some point in time, Thumb Butte was a volcano.

From a recreational stand point, Thumb Butte and the Sierra Prieta mountain range are an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Rock climbing, mountain biking, and countless hiking trails, the park offers something for everyone and includes trails for both novice and the more experienced adventurer. Climbing to the top of Thumb Butte itself using trail #33, you are gifted with jaw-dropping views of all of Prescott, Prescott Valley, and even some of Williamson and Chino Valley. While hiking clockwise to the top can be steep at times and definitely gets one’s blood pumping, it is made easier with a paved trail of switchbacks including safety rails and plenty of benches for resting spots. If that feels to be a little outside of your abilities, no worries, you can head up the trail counter-clockwise, which is far easier and still brings you to the peak with all its amazing views. And, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can even climb the boulders to the very tip top of Thumb Butte, though caution is seriously recommended as this can be a treacherous trek.

Thumb Butte and the surrounding area is a site to be seen both from afar and up close. If you’re looking for a good day hike, or a good place to explore, the trails surrounding this mountain range should definitely be on your list if they aren’t already.

The Holiday Light Parade!

We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends yesterday eating all the best foods, and giving thanks for all you have.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, those of us who have been waiting eagerly for the Christmas festivities have to wait no longer!

Tomorrow night, November 24th, is Prescott’s 23rd annual Holiday Light Parade.

The Holiday Light Parade happens every single year on the weekend after Thanksgiving Thursday. The parade starts at 6PM and begins at the corner of South Cortez Street and Carleton Street in downtown Prescott. As one might guess from the name, this isn’t any ol’ parade. No, this parade is a spectacular sight to see with everything in it adorned with Christmas lights from bottom to top! Floats, dancers, marching bands, and so much more – all decked to the nines in lights to truly give meaning to the name “Holiday LIGHT Parade.” This is the first “Christmas event” that takes place in Arizona’s Christmas city and there’s nothing else like it to help you jump into the Christmas season and cheer.

After the parade, there are plenty of festivities going on around downtown to keep the fun going. There will be a bonfire and party at the Mile High Middle School field after the parade. Grab a bite to eat with family and friends at one of the many local restaurants within easy walking distance around downtown like The Raven, Bill’s Pizza, Bills Grill, The Park Plaza and Liquor Deli, Prescott Brewing Company, Rosa’s, and many more. Meet with friends for coffee or hot chocolate at one of the numerous coffee shops downtown such as Wild Iris and Cuppers Coffee House. Or, meet them out for a drink on the famous Whiskey Row with bars like The Point, Jersey Lily’s, and Matt’s Saloon to name a few.

There is much to do and see to kick of your Christmas Holiday season this weekend in downtown Prescott. We hope you’ll join us there, and bring your friends and family to enjoy the show!

Black Friday!

Not to skip over the Thanksgiving Holiday and the many things we have to be thankful for, but speaking of things… Black Friday is almost here!

Black Friday used to just be on the day which is in its title: Friday. However, that soon became not soon enough for many stores and people, and now Black “Friday” often begins in stores on Thursday night, the night of Thanksgiving!

Black Friday signifies the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season in the United States and is a day that stores offer up special discounted deals in order to sell more merchandise. This day has caused much pandemonium in the past with deals to good to be true. People camping out outside of stores, lines around corners to get into the store first to grab all the Black Friday gifts they’ve eyed in the sales catalog, and even so far as to have mobs of people all pushing to get into the store first causing shoving and injuries that land people in the ER! When it comes to sales, people do not mess around! Once that 60” TV you’ve had your eye on is gone, it’s gone, so one can understand the urgency to grab yours before they’ve all been taken.

Perhaps taking some of the pressure off the Black Friday holiday is Cyber Monday, which has almost become just as big. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving promoted by online retailers who sell their merchandise at exceptional discounts comparable to Black Friday deals. The best part about Cyber Monday is all your shopping is done online, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home!

When researching what some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were going to be this year, what we came up with mostly ranged on the technological side and it seemed as though the best deals will be taking place at affordable retail stores like Walmart and Target. Big screen TVs, tablets, phones, smart watches, video game consoles, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, laptops, and more. Nearly anything technological you could name seems to be being sold at an incredible discount this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, whether you normally partake in these days as part of your holiday season or not, it might be worth taking a look at the sales ads if you’ve been seeing a new TV or device in your near future.

All that being said, it is good to remember, and remind ourselves, that this holiday season isn’t about buying new “toys” and receiving all the things on our Christmas lists. The true meaning of the holidays is to give and give thanks. To be with loved ones and friends, and tell them how much we care for them. To be thankful for all that we have and are blessed with, not focus on what more we can attain. We pray your holiday season is filled with good food, good conversation filled with laughter and joy, and good time spent with those you cherish most.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday hunting!

When is the Right Time to Decorate for Christmas?

With Thanksgiving only three days away, we’re sure you’ve seen eager friends and family members already setting up for the Christmas Holiday. Every year after Halloween it becomes more and more common for many people to seemingly skip right over Thanksgiving (not the actual holiday – because we still love a good excuse to stuff our faces with amazing food) and go straight to the tree trimming and light hanging.

Imagine sitting down at the family table for your Thanksgiving meal with the Christmas tree already set up in the corner. This is a common thing for many families and some of you may be asking, “What’s wrong with that?” Nothing at all! However, it does beg the question: is there a right and wrong time to set up for Christmas?

For those of us who love our fall decorations, waiting to set up for Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed makes the most sense. While we love Christmas decorations, we also love our pumpkins, fall leaves, and cute little scarecrows. Having these decorations up for the fall Holiday makes it feel more like Thanksgiving and removing them to set up for Christmas before the Holiday has passed would feel like skipping over it. As soon as that Thursday is done and over with though, we’re pulling out the tree and blasting Christmas music for all to hear.

On the other hand, there are those of us who somewhere between the first of November and Thanksgiving just can’t help ourselves! Out come the Christmas decorations and away go the fall decorations. To those people, one month is just not long enough time to get in all the Christmas joy and cheer they’ve been waiting to have all year round. Because that is what Christmas brings right? It’s not called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for nothing. We love our Christmas lights that bring awe and wonder, our joyful songs to which we know all the lyrics, the cookies and treats overflowing, the gifts to show your loved ones you care, caroling, hot cocoa, family gatherings, and the list could go on! There is just something about the Christmas season that makes it nearly everyone’s favorite holiday.

Maybe you land somewhere in the middle with your fall and Christmas decorations out at the same time? Maybe you don’t decorate for Christmas until two weeks before? Or, maybe you don’t decorate for the holidays at all? Write your comments below; we’d love to hear what your family does as far as decorating for the holidays.

Though everyone has their own opinions, I’m sure we can agree that there is no right or wrong time to decorate for the holidays. To each their own we say! So, whether your Christmas tree is waiting to be put up this weekend, or is already up, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry early Christmas to you and your family!

Save The Dells

In Prescott, Arizona, we love our outdoor recreational activities! Mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, trail running, kayaking, rock climbing… you name it, we love to do it! Not only do we love doing all those activities, but we have a plethora of places in our beautiful town in which to exercise these activities. Hundreds of trails, Thumb Butte recreational area, Prescott National Forest, Granite Mountain Recreational area, numerous lakes dispersed throughout Prescott, and the Granite Dells.

The Granite Dells are a well known recreational area in Prescott, Prescott Valley, and are a commodity with their dramatic boulder outcroppings, Peavine Trail, and amazing outdoor recreational use. Members in our community enjoy using them for kayaking, rock climbing, the numerous trails, bird watching, and more.

Currently, the 15,000 acre land that is the Granite Dells is owned by a company called Arizona Eco Development (or AED). AED has proposed to build homes on 2,500 acres of that 15,000 acres in the Granite Dells and surrounding area. As with any kind of development proposed on a beloved piece of land, the town of Prescott and a group called “Save The Dells” have stepped up to combat this proposed building plan in the heart of their beloved nature rich Dells. They hope to preserve the Granite Dells and its recreational uses, not have it be developed and therefore ruined. There is a lot of misconception out there about what the group Save The Dells actually wants, so here is a quote from their website to help clarify:

“AED owns over 15,000 acres. The 500 acres we are concerned with is only about 3% of their total land. According to their recently submitted development application, AED wants to annex about 2,500 acres of their property into the City in two separate annexations: ‘South Annexation’ and ‘North Annexation.’ It is imperative that these two annexations are processed and considered as one annexation and rezoning transaction. The City of Prescott Land Development Code already requires developers to dedicate 25% of their land for open space, so in total AED is required to dedicate a minimum of 620 acres to open space. We are asking that 500 of the 620 acres be where the public wants it, and that the open space allocation is contiguous functional open space, not simply cul-de-sacs and drainage ditches” (

With that 500 acres, they also hope to contribute to the growing open space lands that could form the foundation to have a Granite Dells Regional Park. They do not seek to force the developers to hand over the land free of charge, rather to, as the quote says, have the open acreage be where the public and community want it.

“We recognize that protecting the Dells is the right choice for our economy, our quality of life, and our community identity. We are thinking BIG about what’s best for our town for generations to come. We can choose a future where treasured landscapes are spared from destruction.”

This is just one groups opinion, though it seems to be the general feel of the community here in Prescott. We shall have to wait and see what AED and developers decide.

Thanksgiving is next week!

In almost ONE WEEK Thanksgiving will be here!

A holiday full of good food, good people, and good laughs, we are excited to get into full swing of this holiday about giving thanks. Whether you spend the holiday with friends, family, watching football, or on vacation, let’s remember to give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with. Food on our plates, a roof over our heads, and all those we love around us – these are just a few of the things we here at the Kathleen Yamauchi Group are thankful for. Whether your life is going great, or you’re having some struggles right now, we pray you still have many things to be thankful for as well.

With the Thanksgiving holiday comes the reason for it – giving thanks – but also a lot of work! For those of us unfortunate enough to no longer be at the kids table (where you play until the food is ready, sit down, and have a plate full of delicious turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes set before you – oh the good ol’ days) and have to slave away in the kitchen all day long, below is a list of all the things you may need to purchase at the grocery store so you don’t forget anything! Cooked and basted turkey, stuffing, cranberries, green beans, honeyed ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and the list could literally go on and on! Is anyone else’s mouth watering? Courtesy of our friends at Lawyer’s Title, they have thought of everything you could ever possibly need to buy at the store so you won’t have one single staple Thanksgiving dish or food missing from your feast.

So, print off this list, do your grocery shopping, and get ready for Thanksgiving because it’s only eight days away! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, we are thankful for you!

Listing Feature – 8283 N View Crest

Check out our new listing in The Viewpoint in Prescott Valley. This is a practically new Dorne-built home that you do not want to miss!

Built in 2015, this home is only 3 years old! So, why wait to build your home, when this popular ”Nightfall Breeze” floor plan is move-in ready? This sprawling single level 2,194 square foot home with a ”Country Cottage” elevation has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms a 3-car garage, and sits on a 0.38 acre lot. The layout boasts a fabulous split bedroom floor plan and 9+ flat raised ceilings that create all the right spaces, and make the home feel even more open and roomy then it already is.

The kitchen features a 5-burner GE gas range, granite counter tops, a spacious pantry, a Samsung refrigerator, and a center island with breakfast bar seating. It has an open concept that overlooks the great room and dining area, and flows into the very spacious laundry room complete with plenty of storage.

Relax and unwind in the jetted tub in the master suite after a hard day at work. With a large bedroom area, big shower, walk-in closet, dual sinks, and separate water closet, the spacious master suite has all you need.

Looking for some peace and quiet, and to get a little refreshed? Relax on the covered back patio that overlooks the landscaped yard surrounded by a block wall fence. Both the front and back yard are fully landscaped with a sprinkler/drip system and little to no maintenance.

Want to view this wonderful home in person? Call our office at 928-771-1111. We would love to show you this home and any others that peak your interest.

Agent Feature – Daniel Yamauchi

Having grown up here his whole life – leaving to pursue school and other adventures – Dan moved back to his hometown of Prescott, Arizona at the beginning of 2018. Newly married and looking to be closer to family, he returned home to learn the family business under the capable wings of his mother and father, Kathleen and Shoyei Yamauchi, owners and founders of the Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate.

That time soon became complicated as his mother’s nearly decade long battle with breast cancer took a turn for the worse. After trial drugs and weeks spent in the hospital, Dan’s mother, Kathleen, passed away in the hospital on March 27, 2018 at the age of sixty-seven. It was a loss that Dan, nor any of the team, was ready for.

However, in the midst of trial and despair, Dan did not turn away. He steeled himself in the joy he has knowing his mother is in a better place and in the gratitude he has in getting to spend her last few months here on earth with her.

Since joining our team back in January, Dan has brought a much needed breath of fresh air to our group. With his quick wit and knowledge of all things technological, his talents are endless in helping bring the Kathleen Yamauchi Group up to speed in the latest and greatest advances in the real estate industry. Though he only had a few short months to observe and learn under Kathleen – the best of the best – he caught on quick and has become a huge asset to our team. Dan himself will attest that he still has much to learn, as do we all in this continually evolving business, but he works diligently and with a determination outmatched by most to learn and serve our clients with the same care and professionalism that his mother did.  Licensed to practice law in both Arizona and California, Dan mostly practiced law in the areas of construction, commercial, and real estate litigation – just another way in which he truly brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the Kathleen Yamauchi Group Team to help us serve our clients with the highest level of care.

In his personal life, Dan has been married to his wife Hannah for over a year now. Hannah is a teacher locally here in town and they both enjoy serving in the youth ministry Young Life, as well as rock climbing at Gripstone climbing gym and around the Quad city area.

November Calendar Events 2018

Courtesy of our friends at Lawyer’s Title, here is a list of the many events going on this month in Prescott, Arizona. The events include, but are not limited to, Prescott Farmers Market, Courthouse Christmas Lighting Fundraiser Kick-Off Party, Day of the Dead, The Great Pumpkin Harvest, The Veterans Day Parade, Prescott’s 23rd Annual Holiday Light Parade, and the 26th annual Gingerbread Village display – and that is just to name a few! The countless monthly events that go on in our amazing town are just one of the reasons we love it here so much and what make our town so special.

Fall is here with Thanksgiving just around the corner. And soon, it’ll be Christmas! Enjoy the Holiday season. Eat and drink with friends and family, remembering the reason for the season – to give thanks for all we have and cherish our loved ones.

Read through the events below going on in November and you’re sure to find something that peaks your interest to enjoy this autumn/winter season. Happy Holidays!