Prescott Woman Magazine Kathleen Yamauchi Group Article

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy of this month’s issue of Prescott Woman Magazine, or visit their website at to see it, here is the article we published titled, “The Kathleen Yamauchi Group: Rising Up to Carry on a Business Legacy Built on Family, Faith, and Fortitude,” written by Prescott Woman Magazine’s Tara Fort:

The Kathleen Yamauchi Group has been a pillar in the Prescott community for over 25 years. From the start, natural leader Kathleen Yamauchi excelled in management, marketing and creative vision. She started her agency with a team of highly-skilled professionals and over the years her efforts paid off. In 2016, she made Real Estate Executive Magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents. Kathleen’s passion for people allowed her to focus on being the very best at developing relationships. In Spring 2018 with retirement on the horizon, Kathleen and her husband, Shoyei, began grooming their son Dan to take over the family business. But, life takes some strange and unexpected turns, leaving those who remain tasked with sifting through the foundation of what was built, and ultimately carrying on discovering what lies ahead.

Sadly, Kathleen passed away in March after a nine-year battle with cancer. Those who knew her continue to feel her spirit of dedication and uncompromising excellence. Dan Yamauchi says, “My mom earnestly loved those around her and made every effort to serve their needs above her own. We hear stories of how her kindness and joy touched this community and the ways her life positively impacted others. We’re learning to deal with the pain and sadness of her absence, but there’s comfort in knowing she’s remembered for demonstrating the values she cherished.”

Moving forward will be both exciting and bittersweet. While some companies fold or experience massive reorganization after the loss of a founder, the Kathleen Yamauchi Group is just the opposite. Designated Broker Molly Hohrein who has been with the agency since 2002 says, “As far as what is next for us, the answer is simple. We’re here to continue Kathleen’s legacy. As a team, we are driven to maintain what she started, and to continue to grow. Kathleen used to say, ‘It has never been our intention to be the biggest—only the best.’ We will continue to serve the business community and support the volunteer organizations that she selflessly represented.” The team knows there will be challenges along the way and finds inspiration in serving organizations Kathleen supported such as foster care and adoption, the community pregnancy center, youth and military families, and most recently Global Fingerprints—an organization Kathleen chose while in the hospital earlier this year.

As impactful as Kathleen was in the community, it’s not difficult to witness the inspiration she gained from those around her. The broad and diverse group will continue to move forward. Dan states, “Our doors are still open at and we’re keeping her name on the sign. She built a solid team of professionals who will continue offering the best real estate services in town. She was irreplaceable, but we’re very excited to follow her vision and grow this business.”


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