Celebrate July the 4th in Prescott Arizona!

Monsoon Moutainside SunsetSummer is here and beautiful Prescott Arizona is in full swing! Prescott is just 96 miles northwest of Phoenix in the Bradshaw Mountains of central Arizona.

Start your summer adventure by attending the Prescott Frontier Days ® Parade. Afterwards meander over to the “World’s Oldest Rodeo” which will be held from June 28th thru July the 4th and while your there don’t forget to check out the Plaza Arts & Crafts show.

When you get hungry for more check out Whiskey Row as it has a large number of Saloons, art galleries and candy shops. Whiskey Row, dates back to 1864 and was visited by many well-known figures of that time, including Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers.  Destroyed in the fire, but restored, today Whiskey Row stands as a monument to the past. From mining to the Indian wars of the late 1800’s, Prescott AZ was the very center of activity and commerce in the region. Click here to learn more about Prescott’s history.

Once you are feeling the old west fever check out Lynx Lake Recreation Area for some good old-fashioned gold panning. Lynx Lake also offers hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, boating and picnicking.

Prescott offers an adventure around every corner as it borders three national forests, Coconino, Kaibab and Tonto. With nearly 450 miles of hiking trails in the 1.25 million acres of the Prescott National Forest, you may just wear out a pair of boots trying to hike them all.

Once you’ve experienced Prescott we are sure that it will leave an indelible impression and the experience doesn’t have to end. Did you know that it’s one of the top 5 places to retire? With an abundance of historic homes from the turn of the century to modern architectural marvels tucked into a beautiful mountainside you can call Prescott home.

Once you’ve experienced summer fun in Prescott and you would like to learn more about making it your home, contact the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group to learn more today!

Updated Bathrooms attract home buyers

Remodeled BathroomAs with other updates to your home, remodeling your bathroom can be a large investment. However, the return on your investment can be great. Our buyer representatives often get requests to see homes that have both updated kitchens and bathrooms.

When deciding to update your bathroom make a wish list and check out the latest bathroom trends. From neutral colors to under mount sinks and freestanding tubs the choices are endless. While you’re researching your bathroom remodel don’t forget to check out repurposing items to add a unique touch and keep in mind from our previous post that storage and closet space are often high on our buyers wish list.

According to HGTV, choosing quality materials offers great appeal to buyers and the number of bathrooms your home has, including the master, can entice a variety of buyers.

Don’t forget to accessorize. In addition to updating bathroom fixtures, lighting and a fresh coat of paint, including items such as vases and open shelving can add allure to buyers.

Once your remodeling projects are complete and you’re ready to sell your home hiring an experienced Prescott Realtor to represent you can mean all of the difference in a quick sale or being on the market for months.

Many Realtors have found creative ways to make you feel like they are marketing your home so make sure to find out what their marketing plan actually consists of and what can you expect in the way of advertising and web presence. At Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate we utilize the very latest real estate advertising technology and employ the services of a professional real estate photographer to help your property listing stand out from the rest.

The bottom line is that at the Kathleen Yamauchi Group, we craft and position the message of your property above all of the other noise in this market. Click here to contact us to learn more about selling your home today!

Updated Kitchens have great appeal to buyers in Prescott

Remodeled kitchenAfter asking my buyer representatives for a list of items that our home buyers often ask for, updated kitchens made the list.

With just a few simple updates such as fresh paint, stainless steel appliances and lighting you can bring new life into your kitchen. In terms of color did you know that gray is the new white?

Want to take it to the next level with a complete kitchen cabinet makeover? There are a multitude of prefabricated kitchen cabinets to choose from or of course you can opt to have them custom designed to your specifications. From classic cabinets to industrial, kitchen cabinet options are endless.

Lighting for kitchens have moved well beyond traditional fluorescent lighting. Click here to view 50 light fixtures on HouseBeautiful and let the creative juices start flowing as lighting has taken on a new face and its well beyond being just functional.

As I mentioned above gray is the new white however trending colors this year range from subtle layering of colors to striking. Click here to check out the color trends for 2016 according to BEHR to help you get started.

Stainless steel appliances, wood flooring and granite countertops can also help move your kitchen remodel to new heights and attract buyers to your home.

Once your remodeling is complete and you’re ready to sell your home please consider contacting us. We utilize in-house marketing strategies that are second to none. Using the very latest real estate advertising technology and employing the services of a professional real estate photographer, your property listing will stand out from the rest. The bottom line is that at the Kathleen Yamauchi Group, we craft and position the message of your property above all of the other noise in this market.

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Keeping a Roof Over Your Head offers a Wonderful Return on Investment

As we continue on our 10 week series on what Prescott Real Estate Buyers are looking for, let’s move to something a little more over our head.

Tile RoofIn addition to remodeling your kitchen or bath to increase the value of your home, according the REALTOR MAGAZINE® a new roof has the greatest remodeling value. With Arizona’s blistering temperatures and intense sun a roof not only protects you from the heat and keeps you cool, according to a report from the National Associated of REALTORS® and National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), adding new roofing can also improve your enjoyment of your home. My question is, if installing a new roof can bring you joy, can you imagine how quickly it would attract a buyer?

Advantages of different roofing materials

Tile Roof – Tile roofing comes in a variety of colors making it easy to coordinate with your homes exterior and there are many profiles and styles to choose from. In addition they offer long term durability, curb appeal and they are environmentally friendly.

Metal Roof – A Metal Roof of course offers the benefit of longevity. Depending on the material used Metal Roofs can have a life expectancy of 40 to 70 years. Not only are they long lasting, they can also add curb appeal to your home.

Cool Roof – A cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than standard roofing. Can you imagine not only reducing energy bills but also your carbon footprint. Cool Roof’s reduce power plant emissions which include carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides. Click here to read more about Cool Roofs at Energy.gov

As is with any substantial upgrade to your home, the benefits of a new roof outweighs the cost. Far beyond the expense is energy cost savings, increased home value but most importantly instant appeal to potential buyers!

If you would like to learn more about what buyers are looking for in Prescott, click here the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group today!

Prices are going up, rates are down, are we in a bubble?

Guest post from Jim Hutelmyer at PRMI | Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Housing MarketI was at a real estate mastermind last night and the main speaker who is one of the prominent real estate agents in the Arizona market told the room we are in “confused market”. Prices are going up, rates are down, are we in a bubble? Is what is happening good or bad?

I can tell you from the financing side this is a much different price increase than we remember from the early 2000’s. Second mortgages aren’t being handed out, people with subpar credit aren’t qualifying for loans, and adjustable rate mortgages aren’t being written in droves. People who should be able to buy a house are able to buy a house. Take that in as it is important to understand the market.

The media tends to spin the narrative that people can’t get mortgages and that is just not true. The reality is that people who shouldn’t have a mortgage can’t get a mortgage showing that perhaps we have learned from our transgressions.

Today those who can afford a mortgage can get one and as a lender I encourage people who believe they can afford a home to talk to myself or their lender. At PRMI we provide free and “factual” information to people on whether or not they can buy so that they can operate from a stance of fact, not speculation.

The thing that is behind today’s market is the “exit strategy” so to speak is the rates. Rates continue to hover near record lows and the beauty of borrowing money at low rates is that you have a house that in the worst possible scenario can produce cash flow as a rental. When inflation catches up and rates start heading back up into the 5’s the value of homes financed with today’s rates will only increase.

Would you like to learn more about the Prescott AZ market, click here to contact the Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate team today! Our dynamic and creative team of highly skilled Real Estate Professionals are widely recognized throughout the Prescott AZ area for our customer service excellence, and knowledge of the Prescott AZ real estate industry.

Thinking of selling your home, buyers are looking for storage and closet space

Closet organizationOur buyer representatives work exclusively with our clients to help them find just the right property to fit their needs. Recently I asked them for a list of items that our buyers often ask for and as a result I will be doing a 10 week series on what Prescott Real Estate Buyers are looking for and what Sellers can do to get the most out of their home and sell sooner.

Closet size & Storage

Storage is a common problem for most homeowners and homes that offer an abundance of space in closets and storage offer a great deal of appeal as this has been common request from our buyers.

Although there are many simple solutions to add to closets and create more storage the beginning starts with decluttering by getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear. Often times simply decluttering can open your sights to new possibilities to get the most space out of your existing closet.

Once the decluttering is done, the fun begins as there are a multitude of possibilities and products to create the perfect, functional space. Even the smallest closet can be turned into a useful, yet organized area for your belongings with a combination of shelving, baskets and tie racks. While your planning your closet makeover don’t forget to check out the vast array of repurposing ideas online, from using repurposed doors to give your closet a new look to utilizing wooden crates as shelving for storage, the possibilities are endless.

Lacking storage space? If so, perhaps dedicating a small room in your home for your storage is the best solution for you. With so many organization solutions available, you could be well on your way to attracting just the right buyer for your house in no time.

From simple DIY modular shelving units to thinking outside the box by repurposing or perhaps a custom closet solution tailored to fit you needs is more in tune to you what you envision, getting started today offers rewards tomorrow.

When your ready to sell your home we would love it if you would consider the Kathleen Yamachi Group. Our in-house marketing strategies are second to none as we utilize the very latest real estate advertising technology, and because we employ the services of a professional real estate photographer, your property listing will stand out from the rest. Bottom line is that we craft and position the message of your property above all of the other noise in this market.

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Memorial Day is just around the corner, time to prepare for outdoor enjoyment!

DIY Flower VaseWith Memorial Day weekend on the horizon this is the perfect time to get a jump start on your home’s outdoor space. With many DIY ideas trending, decorating your outdoor space can be inexpensive as well as outright fun.

From decorative projects to enrich your natural surroundings and front entrance to inviting enhancements for your patio and garden, social networks such as Pinterest offer great ideas to get you started.

Adding color to your patio is as easy as using an abundant array of flowers and you can easily add a hint of elegance to your outdoor furniture with softly padded cushions and coordinating table clothes for the perfect inviting accent. Once you’ve perfected your home’s outdoor space don’t forget to take time for yourself by relaxing in a hammock listening to the birds serenading you with their springtime joy.

The best part of creating inviting accents to your outdoor space is of course enhancing your curb appeal. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling your home anytime in the near future, an attractive and well-maintained home sets the stage for adding value to your home.

The Kathleen Yamauchi Group serves the Prescott area with our boutique real estate services and our representatives can attest to the value of a well maintained home as we represent sellers of both million dollar properties and starter homes. Each and every time we sell a home we know that a welcoming exterior is the key to a successful real estate transaction.

To learn more about how you can add curb appeal to your home or real estate in Prescott, click here to contact professionals at the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group today!


Home owners associations in Prescott are more affordable than you might think!

Scenic Prescott ArizonaIf you are thinking of purchasing a home in Prescott, perhaps a community with a home owners association (HOA) would be the right fit for you.

Home owners associations typically offer high standards for community appearance and some HOA’s offer services such as trash pickup and lawn care leaving more time for you to relax and enjoy all that beautiful Prescott has to offer!

If simply enjoying the scenic views in Prescott is your passion, some HOA’s also offer amenities such as swimming pools, walking trails and community centers.

The best part of all is that HOA’s in Prescott Arizona, compared to most other parts of the country are a more affordable option that you might think.

To learn more about HOA’s and the peace of mind that comes with it I recommend that you do your homework and seek out a Realtor that is very knowledgeable about Prescott and all that the area homeowners associations have to offer. With your wishes in hand they can help you locate the home of your dreams with the amenities to suite your needs allowing you to get started on your next adventure.

With 100-years of combined Prescott, AZ real estate experience, the Kathleen Yamauchi Group proudly offers full service, boutique real estate services for both home buyers and sellers.

Looking for land for sale that offers a home owners association? Our team has called Prescott home for years and have a better understanding than most of the area Realtors.

With all of its majestic features, Prescott offers scenic mountains including Granite Mountain, Thumb Butte, and the Bradshaw and Mingus Mountain ranges. At an elevation of 5,400 feet and a four-season climate which includes an annual snowfall of 24 inches and rainfall of 19 inches what’s not to love!

To learn more about home owners associations (HOA’s), click here to contact us today!



Inside Out – Outdoor Living Spaces

Courtyard EntryMake your outdoor areas a natural extension of your home.

Look no further than your travels for inspiration.  In some places, the lifestyle is as much about the outside as the interiors, especially when it comes to dining.

Designing a house that connects to the outside is only the first step.  In order to make the outdoor spaces more livable, you have to make them comfortable too.

If you have set the stage for outdoor living, it’s not a big deal to go outside.  Whether it’s heat from an outdoor fireplace, shade from a covered patio or a ceiling fan on a deck, make the setting comfortable for you and your guests to enjoy the outdoors.

Distinctive outdoor rooms, like a patio, roof deck or pool area, promote alfresco living and relaxation. Make your space feel like you are on vacation!


Let a Prescott AZ Real Estate Agent check an item off of your busy list

Beautiful Prescott ArizonaWith Prescott’s mild climate continuing to attract more people to the area, it is important to find the right Prescott realtor to represent you in finding the right buyer or home for for you.

The entire process can be an arduous task if undertaken solely by the homeowner and the right realtor can streamline the process and actually makes it an enjoyable experience.

When selling your home or buying, often it becomes overwhelming trying to time everything just right. If you sell your home immediately but you can’t move into your new home because the timing is off by even a few months,  the mere thought of renting in the interim, dealing with the storage conundrum all while juggling your busy life is that last thing you need to add to your list.

Choosing a real estate agent to represent you can simplify matters tremendously. Although not all things always go as planned a Prescott AZ realtor with the experience and knowledge of the area can make all of the difference in the world. So why not hire a realtor to do all the work for you so you can sit back and let them take one item off of your busy list!

At Kathleen Yamauchi Group we have one common goal: We will make your real estate transaction a smooth and pleasant experience. Our dynamic and creative team of highly skilled Real Estate Professionals represent you to get you to your next destination.

Ready to make the scenic Granite Mountain, Thumb Butte, Bradshaw and Mingus Mountain ranges your home? How about the natural wonders in the Prescott area that includes the National Forest lands to one of the many lakes in the area. Prescott is truly a beautiful place to live with four mild seasons you can enjoy while hiking, biking or simply relaxing.

Come to Prescott and get started today finding the home of your dreams, click here to contact the Kathleen Yamauchi Group to learn about our passion.