A Metal roof is a win, win for both the environment and your wallet

Metal RoofSpring is in the air, and if you are thinking of replacing your roof this year, you might want to consider replacing it with a metal roof. With an average lifespan of 40-60 years, a metal roof not only saves you money but in the long term it can also have a positive environmental impact.

According to the Fidelity Steel Buildings choosing lighter colors such as white or yellow can have an impact on both your home and the environment. Did you know that lighter colors reflect the solar rays and emit higher levels of thermal heat? Dark roofs, on the other hand, tend to retain the heat. By absorbing the heat, your air conditioner works harder both on your wallet and the unit itself. The result is higher utility bills and overall reduced life spam on your air conditioner.

Another interesting fact from Fidelity Steel Buildings is an occurrence known as “Urban Heat Island.” Urban Heat takes place in developments that have a significant number of dark roofs. Higher temperatures in these areas due to the buildings retaining the heat from the sun can be detected.

Benefits of a cool roof

  • Long lasting – On average a metal roof lasts 40-60 years
  • Energy savings – By maintaining a more consistent temperature inside your home your air conditioner and heating unit run less thus saving you money
  • Environmental health – Reducing the operational time of your air conditioner and heating unit reduces pollution
  • A cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than standard roofing. Can you imagine not only reducing energy bills but also your carbon footprint?

As is with any substantial upgrade to your home, the benefits of a new roof typically outweigh the cost. Far beyond the expense is energy cost savings, increased home value, but more importantly instant appeal to potential buyers!

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Making your life easier with Smart Home Automation

Smart Home AutomationWith the fast pace of our everyday life forgetting to turn off lights, close garage doors or turn on your security system when you leave your home can be a nuisance. Smart home automation can make your life a little easier by giving you the power to control your home when your away.

Smart home refers to those items in your home that can be programmed to function automatically either with the push of a button or, more recently, a voice command.

The Internet of Things allows you to automate a variety of items in your home including windows and shades, lighting, appliances and security systems and we wanted to share the best smart home devices of 2017 from PC Magazine.

Top Smart Home Devices of 2017

  • Piper NV by Amazon is an indoor only surveillance camera that allows you to keep an eye on your home, Fido and even your kids. It also allows you to control any household item from any location.
  • Nest Cam is an outdoor weatherproof camera that monitors what’s going on outside of your house. Using Wi-Fi,  you can monitor activity at any time no matter where you are using the web or mobile apps.
  • Smart Lock is an Apple HomeKit that mounts over your existing deadbolt to provide connectivity to your door. Using Bluetooth, it talks to your smartphone, and you can easily give guests quick entrance to your home.
  • Vivint Sky expands the security of your home and allows you to be connected to your home all of the time.
  • For the DIYer, SimpliSafe lets you customize your home security with packages you can customize according to your needs.
  • For those that would like control over their thermostat, there’s the Nest Learning Thermostat that is easily controlled remotely using your phone, tablet or PC.

Beyond the comfort of knowing you can control your home when you’re away, smart home automation gives you the ability to enjoy all that Prescott, Arizona has to offer. Even if you get excited on the way to Thumb Butte for your hike and forget to lock your doors with smart home automation there’s no need to make the drive back home.

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The importance of a pre-inspection when selling your home

Home Pre-InspectionCompeting for buyers has made it more important than ever to have your home pre-inspected prior to putting it on the market. With a buyers’ market in full swing, failure to do so can result in your home being pulled off the market to fix repairs that could have been remedied prior to listing your home.

A recent report from Trulia revealed a trend in 2016 of listed homes that moved from "for sale" to "pending" and "back-on-the-market", nearly doubling the rate of those in 2015. Many might have been avoided by having the home professionally inspected prior to putting it on the market.

Don’t give the potential home buyer a reason to walk away

Defects that go beyond those that are considered common issues during a potential buyers inspection such as the discovery of a cracked foundation or a roof issue may send a “don’t buy me” signal. A pre-inspection can give you peace of mind and more importantly reduce the chance that your buyer will be turned off by a poor inspection report and walk away.

How eager are you to sell?

So you’ve decided to sell your home, how eager are you to make the move? Preparing your home to sell of course goes far beyond curb appeal and paint. In the end, taking control of your listing with a pre-inspection is a cost-effective way to keep money in your pocket. The expense of paying a licensed contractor hired by a buyer as opposed to taking the first step to find and repair potential issues prior to putting your home on the market may be significant even if it does not result in the loss of a sale.

Trulia’s report also pointed out other factors that caused the failure of contracted sales, one of which you have very little control over – the potential buyer’s ability to acquire a mortgage. With that being said, a pre-inspection is a smart decision that only you have the power to control.

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Prescott, Arizona continues to be a popular destination to call home

Rowing Watson LakePrescott Arizona continues to be a popular destination and it’s not just for retirees. With an unemployment rate of 4.5% in November of 2016, we actually beat the national unemployment rate of 4.6%.

Recently announced, Sprouts Farmers Market will be opening in March of this year offering 100 full and part time career opportunities and according to Forbes the job’s and economic growth over the next five years is among the best in the United States as we ranked #5 in 2016 nationally in terms of prospective growth over the next several years.

Combine the upbeat jobs environment with a comfortable year around climate what’s not to love about Prescott? With an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy, “Everybody’s Hometown,” boasts a mild four-season climate, annual snowfall of 24 inches, annual rainfall of 19 inches and on average 277 sunny days per year.

Nestled in the Prescott National Forest, there are over 400 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and horse trails, we are sure there is an adventure waiting to satisfy all of those who call Prescott home.

Prescott also has an abundance of beautiful homes for sale. From historic homes to modern architectural marvels tucked into a beautiful mountainside with panoramic views that include Granite Mountain, Thumb Butte, and the Bradshaw and Mingus Mountain ranges, we are sure you can find the home of your dreams in Prescott.

If you would you prefer living downtown there are great homes in walking distance from historic landmarks such as Whiskey Row and the Courthouse Square. Perhaps a secluded cabin tucked away in one of the many forested sub-divisions in the area is more your style, you can also find in beautiful Prescott. Popular neighborhoods in Prescott include Hassayampa, American Ranch, Prescott Lakes and the Heritage.

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Prescott AZ Realtor, Kathleen Yamauchi has been named one of the Top 100 Influential Real Estate Agents

Top 100 Real Estate AgentsReal Estate Executive Magazine recently presented their choices for the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents and our very own Prescott AZ Realtor, Kathleen Yamauchi made the list!

Since 1991 Kathleen has been serving Prescott, Arizona by spearheading the management, marketing efforts, and general direction of the Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate team. Passionate about people and real estate Kathleen is a creative thinker and she concentrates her energy on one thing: being the very best at selling real estate in Prescott and achieving results that exceed her client’s expectations.

Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate offers full-service, boutique real estate service for clients who are both looking to buy or sell homes for land in Prescott Arizona. Comprised of a remarkable real estate team that is passionate about helping each client achieve their real estate goals, the team’s common goal is to make your real estate transaction a smooth and pleasant experience.

Our homes for sale include those that border Prescott National forest with big sky views in gated communities to 600 square foot bungalows and we work relentlessly to lead the way in quality, personal real estate service in the greater Prescott area.

Looking for land for sale? Many of our land listings offer panoramic mountain views and amazing acreage suitable for horses and farm animals, a number of our listings also include items such as city utilities, conventional septic systems and gated subdivision amenities such as pool, tennis, and clubhouse. Whether you are looking for your land for your next home or commercial real estate.

“Everyone’s Hometown,” Prescott AZ is just 96 miles northwest of Phoenix in the Bradshaw Mountains of central Arizona. The weather here is generally mild, with a four-season climate, annual snowfall of 24 inches, and annual rainfall of 19 inches.
The downtown culture of Prescott AZ also offers an enjoyable year-round experience offering an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, and year-round entertainment provide an enjoyable experience for all – especially during the Christmas season.

If you see Prescott AZ Realtor, Kathleen Yamauchi out and about please be sure to congratulate her!

The Millennials are here and the result are tiny

Tiny HouseThere has been a major change in our market over the past few years and with that being said I have been trying lately to help my owners of larger homes understand that the demand is for smaller, not larger homes is trending. One of the results of such a market change is that larger homes are fetching lower selling prices and taking longer to sell.

Younger consumers are expanding the market and their desire is to go tiny and everyone is listening. As a matter of fact in 2015, Phoenix, Arizona created "The Containers on the Grand," which is a sustainable housing project made entirely out of shipping containers. At 740 square feet, there is a waiting list for the one-bedroom apartment units.

Even builders are accommodating the market shift by offering a wider variety of home sizes to appeal to a mix of buying budgets and desires. According to the National Association of Home Builders single family, detached homes which have typically been the most sought after home for a majority of buyers has shifted to less expensive townhouses.

Many of the younger buyers are seeking smaller homes as they offer both financial freedom and it addresses their environmental concerns with sustainable living. As of late empty nesters are even taking the tiny plunge.

At the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group, we always have our hand on the pulse of the real estate market know what it takes to sell your home regardless of the market.

Our team is widely recognized throughout the Prescott AZ area for our customer service excellence, and knowledge of the Prescott AZ real estate industry. In addition, our in-house marketing team utilizes the very latest real estate advertising technology, and because we employ the services of a professional real estate photographer, your property listing will stand out from the rest. We craft and position the message of your property above all of the other noise in this market!

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It is time for the Home Buying Holidays

Home Buying HolidaysYou don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to shop for a home or land over the holidays in Prescott. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the Home Buying Holidays, you have an incredible opportunity to find the home of your dreams!

As I mentioned in early October many sellers will indeed leave their property on the market over the holidays in order to capture the attention of off-season, motivated home buyers. After all off-season buyers who take time out of their busy holiday schedule and brave the cold are very motivated buyers. Are you motivated?

With generally less competition this time of year in regard to the number of people looking to buy a home during the winter versus spring buyers now is the time to capitalize on buying the home of your dreams during the home buying holidays!

Prescott Arizona has something for everyone. From long distance views north from Granite Mountain to the San Francisco Peaks to magnificent ponderosa pine-framed views with privacy amongst majestic boulders and mature trees all located in the desirable communities, Prescott offers homes and land for sale with price ranges across the pricing spectrum. With popular neighborhoods such as Hassayampa, American Ranch, and High Valley Ranch Prescott Arizona continues to be increasingly popular as a retirement and wonderful living destination.

Prescott Arizona is rich with historic heritage as well as beautiful neighborhoods to call home. Located 96 miles northwest of Phoenix in the Bradshaw Mountains and at an elevation of 5,400 feet, it is an ideal place to live. Dubbed “Everybody’s Hometown.” due to the fact that most who come to Prescott find something here that reminds them of where they grew up, “Everybody’s Hometown” seems most fitting.

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Have you thanked a Veteran lately?

Veterans Day in Prescott ArizionaAs Veterans Day fast approaches I’m reminded of the sacrifice that our Veterans have made to keep us safe. With very little effort on our part and a simple handshake it really doesn’t take much effort to take a moment to thank a Vet.

Veterans Day falls on November 11th this year and if you haven’t had an opportunity to thank a Vet now is the time. By the way, did you know that the Northern Arizona Veterans’ Health Care system serves over 26,000 Veteran’s across Northern Arizona?

The annual Veteran’s Day parade will be held in downtown Prescott, Friday, November the 11th 2016. There will be a ceremony at the Courthouse Plaza at 10:30 followed by the parade at 11:00 a.m. There will be music, marching bands and motorized units all set to honor our Veterans.

This year’s parade will be Honoring Military Women, Past, Present and Future. Women started being allowed to join the military during the last two years of World War II however they have been a part of military war efforts since the Revolutionary days. As of 2015, Women make up 15% of the U.S. Military. With over 165,000 Women currently serving, we proudly thank the Women in the Prescott, Arizona area that answered the call to serve!

From all of us at the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group we would like to thank our Veterans and of course their families for such a selfless sacrifice to help keep America the home of the Free and the Brave!

Looking for Horse Property in Prescott, The Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group can help

Horseback riding in PrescottAt Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate , we represent a variety of properties. In addition to many of our listings that offer panoramic mountain views, we also sell homes that offer acreage suitable for horses.

Currently, we have a home for sale on Friendly Meadow Road that offers a bright, airy and charming Horse Property with Room for All. The fenced 6.36 acres includes a 4 stall barn with turnouts and a riding arena plus an expanse of grass surrounded by lush flowering landscaping.

This 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home includes an 1152 square foot full guest apartment with kitchen over the garage designed for a caregiver. The main home boasts of a huge gourmet kitchen that is the family gathering spot and features granite counters, large island, professional stainless steel Wolf-range with two ovens, warming drawer and a large adjacent dining room overlooking the yard.

Author Alice Walker is quoted as saying that, “Horses make a landscape look beautiful” and we can’t think of a better way to enhance this charming country estate than with the presence of majestic horses.

Additionally, Prescott riders enjoy a wide variety of horse trails that allow you to experience scenic canyons and the boundless Prescott National Forest. From Butte Creek to Flume Canyon you can encounter the lushest parts of Prescott by horse all the while experiencing panoramic views like no other.

Since 1991 Kathleen Yamauchi has been serving Prescott, Arizona and surrounding areas with exceptional homes and land for sale and we are proud to offer a full-service, boutique real estate service, comprised of highly experienced real estate professionals. Widely known for our superior real estate marketing knowledge, we continue to lead the way in the Prescott, AZ real estate community.

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