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Wildfire Safety Tips for Homeowners

As we head into a dry summer, it is key to protect your home from wildfire. Below are some tips to help you keep your property safe.

-Cut away any vegetation within 5- 30 feet of your home, being sure to remove dead debris around any structure. Yavapai County is having a FREE slash drop-off program that expires on June 1st. For more information on this, visit

-Sign up for Yavapai County Sheriff’s Emergency Notification System at

-Is your property on a slope? Be sure to use the right vegetation type for your landscaping. This helps create survivable space. See page 5 at

-Obey all fire ban restrictions, and be sure to have burn permits before you start any burn.

-Keep up with yard word, especially in this hot weather. Be sure to keep your vegetation watered and healthy, and take the time to prune any dead vegetation. Just a few minutes in the morning will help keep your yard safer, and looking beautiful.

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Hannah Yamauchi

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