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If you’re a fan of the surplus of home renovation shows on HGTV these days, you aren’t blind to what today’s hottest trends are in home renovation. With things feeling fresh and clean, it’s almost hard to remember the dark and dusty trends over the past decades that would make us cringe now.  

In the 70’s it was shag carpets, colors of browns and yellows, and furniture that is now considered “retro” - think of wood panelled walls and enclosed living spaces, and you’re on the right track. The 80’s livened things up a bit with its funky shapes and checkered patterns, bright neon colors, and being generally a bit over the top (just like the hair). However, those trends quickly died along with perms and leg warmers.The 90’s consisted of white walls, wood cabinets, laminate counters, and tile floors – all varying shades of wood or neutral tans (a.k.a. boring). The last trends to kick the bucket in the 00’s were brown and black speckled granite countertops, wood cabinets, leather couches, and large tile floors, those these still linger slightly today.

Today is a new day! We’ve torn out the shag carpet, gotten rid of the wacky shapes and bright colors, and we’ve even painted over those boring wood cabinets. The hottest homes of 2018 are the ones that feel open and clean, and rustic. Grays and blues have taken hold of our homes by storm, whether it be our walls, couches, or decorations. We also like white and light colors as they make things feel more open, and bright. White counters, white cabinets, white walls – really a lot of white, which used to be considered plain - are desirable now. Airy and bright is the way we like things now,  with small pops of color in decorations or paint. Counter tops are carrara marble or dark soap stone, though granite is still desirable in lighter colors, as well as cheaper options such as butcher block and concrete countertops. Floors are wood of varying shades, which even finds its way onto walls as an accent to add depth and a pop of change from the sea of whites and grays. Tiles also vary, but are mainly confined as backsplash. White subway tiles, pattern concrete tiles, and even hexagon or different shaped tiles being popular choices. As for decorations, people want their home to look rustic and like a farmhouse.  This means they’re decked with vintage or antique pieces, mason jars, huge wooden farmhouse tables, industrial looking metal pieces, beamed ceilings, and so much more.

The list could go on and on. Black spouts and handles rather than silver, long cabinet handles rather than knobs, rustic exposed looking lighting rather than covered, curtains long and hung high rather than fitting to the window… And now, even the latest trends seem to already be shifting toward more modern looking styles in furniture and decor.

All one has to do to get ideas on how to renovate their home with the latest trends is watch a show on HGTV, or search the internet. You will be bombarded with ideas on how to change your home so it is more up-to-date for your family and guests, or for re-selling in the future.

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Happy renovating!

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Carrie Estrada

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