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Arguably one of the greatest perks about living in Prescott, Arizona is the A-MAZING outdoor recreation that our gorgeous town has to offer.

Prescott has multiple lakes for kayaking, fishing, and hiking the trails. From Lynx Lake and Goldwater Lake with their towering pines and clear waters, to Watson Lake and Willow Lake with their striking boulder filled landscapes, you will find fun no matter which you choose. There are various hunting seasons for deer and quail, amongst other animals, for those hunting enthusiasts, as well as towns within a day’s trip for elk hunting. The many boulders and mountain ranges around the city make it ideal for the innumerable hiking trails, rock climbing routes, and bouldering expeditions. Camping is available in both campgrounds and dispersed camping, in the woods and in more open areas like near the lakes. Other activities include golfing, mountain biking, road biking, horseback riding, and so much more! You name it and Prescott can probably accommodate it. On top of all that, we are merely a day’s trip away from other fun outdoor activities like kayaking the Verde River, Out of Africa Zoo in Cottonwood, the jaw-dropping red rocks of Sedona, the busy city life of Phoenix, the cool pines in Flagstaff, and even one of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. It’s easy to see why people travel and move to Prescott to enjoy the great outdoors more.

In all this outdoor recreation, one of the latest trails is the Prescott Circle Trail. For the last twenty-five years this trail has been in the making, aided by many in the city including several volunteers with whom it couldn’t have been completed without (United States Department of Agriculture)! This network of non-motorized trail is a 54 mile long trail that encircles around the entire city of Prescott – hence the name “Prescott Circle Trail.” Open to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, you can hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, and even backpack! Twenty-nine miles of the trail is maintained by the Prescott National Forest, while the other twenty-five is maintained by the City of Prescott, making it a group effort all around. When envisioned, the goal of the trail was to take in all of Prescott’s beauty and capture its ecological and geological diversity, which this trail accomplishes fantastically.

The track is accessible from 15 different trailhead points and is ideal for both those looking to do small sections at a time for a nice day hike, or for the very brave who want to complete the whole thing at one once, perhaps on bike or by overnight backpacking. It offers both flat and easy sections that pass by the Dells and Willow Lake, as well as mountainous and steep sections that give you fabulous views of both Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte. The overall elevation gain of the entire trail is 6000 feet, so be prepared for some good ups and downs depending on which section of the trail you decide to tackle. With our four mild seasons, the Prescott Circle Trail can be enjoyed year round, however is probably best if utilized between March and October to avoid snow and colder weather. The trail also comes within 3 miles of the downtown area for those looking to take a lunch break or experience the downtown area as well as the outdoors.

With all the outdoor activities one can enjoy here, and now the Prescott Circle Trail as well, it is no wonder National Geographic wrote an article on how Prescott is an “Adventure Town” (Article Here). Come and visit. Enjoy Prescott and our many trails, and outdoor activities, including the Prescott Circle Trail.

For more information on the Prescott Circle Trail, visit the City of Prescott’s website here for more details and an informative video.

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Carrie Estrada

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