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Selling your homeFrom long distance views north from Granite Mountain to the San Francisco Peaks and magnificent ponderosa pine-framed views with privacy amongst majestic boulders and mature trees all located in the desirable communities, the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group represents clients selling their home or land across the pricing spectrum.

We know what it takes to sell your home or property quickly at the highest possible value by developing marketing strategies that closely fit your unique property to the buyers in this market. We present your property in a way that creates the motivation necessary to get you top dollar offers quickly.

As the overall team leader, Kathleen Yamauchi spearheads the management, marketing efforts, and general direction of her team. Because our in-house marketing team utilizes the very latest real estate advertising technology, and because we employ the services of a professional real estate photographer, your property listing will stand out from the rest. We craft and position the message of your property above all of the other noise in this market and the above chart if proof that we deliver what we promise.

There is still time to sell your home or land in Prescott and even though the holidays are on the way from our experience there are motivated, off-season buyers ready to make a purchase.

Click here to contact the Kathleen Yamuachi Real Estate Group to learn more about how our real estate marketing technology can get the highest possible value for your home today.


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