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Selling you homeIf you are thinking of selling your home in Prescott I’m sure that you are overwhelmed with questions. I have compiled a list of common questions below to help ease the anxiety associated with selling.

What is a comparable otherwise known as a comp?

Comparables or comps for short, is a list of recently sold properties that are similar in size, age, location and they offer similar amenities that your house contains. Comparables are used by appraisers and real estate agents to determine the fair market value of your home. 

I have a realtor however, someone showed up at my house unannounced for a tour, should I let them in?

As always you should never let anyone into your home unannounced. Your realtor follows a set of protocols for making appointments and serious clients will contact a professional real estate agent to view a home. I caution you to be leery of the person who unexpectedly knocks appears at your doorstep expecting to be let into your home. If this ever should occur simply have them wait outside and contact your realtor immediately.

What is a lockbox?

A lockbox holds the key to your home and is only available to members of the local Prescott Az MLS. The lockboxes have a tiny microprocessor inside and can only be opened with an electronic key. A hollow metal box that attaches to either the front doorknob or some other secure place nearby, inside the hollow area of the box is another matchbox-sized box that contains a key to the house. When an agent opens the lockbox, that smaller container slides out, revealing the key.

All of the electronic keys that have been assigned to your home have a unique identifier. When a Real Estate agent opens the box, the microprocessors inside "registers" who the agent is who opened it. In addition to the Realtors name, the date and time that the home was access is also identified.

Once someone has accessed the lockbox the information is stored in the electronic key and an email is sent automatically to the listing agent, usually within the hour of the accessing the lockbox.

How much will it cost to sell my home?

Many of the fees associated with selling a home in Prescott are based on several factors. The factors include the purchase price. In short a definitive answer is hard to come by; however, I have provided the following items as a general list of expenses a seller can expect to pay.

Please note that some items are negotiable between the buyer and seller. If you have an agreement with the seller make sure that it’s written into the purchase contract

  • Home inspection
  • Pest inspection
  • One half of the escrow fees (Fee is split with the buyer)
  • Recording fees (Fee is split with the buyer)
  • Payoff of Seller mortgage
  • HOA transfer fee (If applicable)
  • Assessments
  • Real estate commission
  • Title insurance
  • Septic inspection
  • Survey, well inspection, home warranty (This is negotiable with the buyer)

Should I leave when my home is being shown?

You should leave your home when it’s being shown to allow potential buyers the ability to be free to envision your home as their own and to feel comfortable to talk openly about the features of your home that they like or dislike.

With you being present during the showing the potential buyers may feel like they are intruding causing them to hurry through your home which could result in a lost buyer.

It’s best to let the prospective buyer's agent walk them through as they know their client's likes and dislikes and can point out the features of your home and answer their questions during the showing.

Once I sell my home can I turn off the utilities?

The utilities must remain on in the home the entire time it remains a listing and during the escrow period so that showings, inspections, and the final walk-through can be completed.

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